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Lorenzo Bruno is born in Asmara (Eritrea) on June 21, 1944. In 1948 the family transferred to Frascati for four years and then to Rome, in via Milazzo 20. After finishing school in 1963, the father, to accomodate his passion for painting, registers him to a professional course for cartellonisti at the Institute Don Orione. Here he begins to frequent some students that come from the Art Institute and particularly Romano Roberto, with whom, also in the years to follow, he visits the Museums, the studies of the artists, Art Galleries and the craftsmen shops. It sharpens and it deepens both technically and stylisticly his knowledge and from 1966, he now decided to undertake the artistic career, dedicated completely to the painting. In 1970 he departs for the United States, first to San Francisco, and then to Milwaukee. Here he prepares in 1971 his first personal show in the seat of the Bank of Commerce. He returns to Rome in 1972; After a short period of work in Via Latina, in the district of San Lorenzo, he transfers his study and copperplate preess in a space given him by the Cooperative Alzaia. He attends in 1976 the course of chalcografic techniques at the National Chalcografic Institute of Rome , directed by Guido Strazza. Here he begins to investigate on the language of engraving which then will become for a substantial period, his main interest of his work. In 1978 he has his first own study in Via del Corallo and from 1980 in Via della Robbia n. 3. Here, among others meets and collaborates with Boille, deepening so his knowledge on the property of the color in the chalcografic use. From 1984 he starts again to dedicate himself to the painting.

From 1982 he is called to direct varies courses on the chalcografic techniques:
in Foggia, Laboratorio Arti Visive; in Matera, Laboratorio di Grafica di Via dei Sette Dolori (1986); in San Francisco, at the San Francisco Art Institute (1988); in Oakland, at the Californian College of Art & Craft (1988).

In 1992, after being dedicated for four years to intense activities in papier mache, in big part exhibited in two personal rooms at the collective show of sculpture organized at the Gallery Eralov. He leaves the study of Via della Robbia to establish himself first to Saxa Rubra and then in Via Pincherle.
In these years he deepens the knowledge of the fresco techniques that the use of the papier mache had stimulated, without to omit, nevertheless, paintings and engraving. He transferred definitive in its house-study to Collimento of Lucoli (AQ) in 1998.

He realizes engravings for the following art volumes:
Luigi Dania (take care of ), Il Viaggio 11 Acqueforti, in 19 Poeti e il Viaggio 11 Pittori e il Viaggio, Galleria d'Arte Trifalco, Roma, 1994; Piero Varroni (take care of), Più delle parole, Edizioni EOS, Roma, 1996; L. Dania (take care of), La Luce 9 Acqueforti, in 21 Poeti 1 Fotografo 9 Pittori e la Luce, Associazione Culturale Köln Press, Porto San Giorgio, 2001; Osvaldo Rossi, Alessandro Piras (take care of), Dialoghi, Associazione Culturale Autori Contemporanei, San Benedetto del Tronto, 2001.

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